About Us

Patrick Jones, the founder of 3 Angels Publishing is married to Robin Jones. They have three sons that are active young men. (see their picture below).


Why have I started this publishing ministry?

1)       God blessed us through the truths found in the book Steps to Christ to find freedom from the bondage of sin and a new relationship with God.

2)      We read the book Great Controversy in high school and were inspired by the history of God’s people battling for truth through the centuries.

3)       We studied the history of the 1844 movement and saw that many of God’s people started their own publishing work to get the message of the First and Second Angel out to the world.

4)      Some friends encouraged us to improve the format of and publish Steps to Christ. We have just completed the third printing of the book in English (108,000 total) and did one printing in Pidgin English for the South Pacific islands.

5)      We are encouraged and directed by God through the Bible to do all we can to swell the Three Angels Messages to a loud cry.


What  are our plans for future books?

We are planning to print the Great Controversy.  Please call for details.

Also, we have had a call to reprint “Rome’s Challenge” and a Spanish Steps to Christ.


What are our needs?
            We need people who would like to help translate the Daniel and Revelation books into French.   If you would like to make a donation to the book work, that would be a blessing as well.

Ideas for future books
Do you have ideas for future books?  Would you like to help provide needed funds for future printings?  Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.