I stayed up late last night reading the book. It is one of the most fascinating, reviving and blessing I have ever read on the book of the Revelation. M.K., Malawi

…While I was receiving your email, I was on the landline phone with a close friend. ….When I told her about the Revelation book, she said, “I have that,” and said her son in law loaned it to her just last night, and he said it is an awesome book. J M, IN

…I asked him what books he had. He showed me the Revelation commentary and said that someone had just given it to him, and told him that it was a great book. JF, TN

…The books you brought us, Gems from Revelation, are really wonderful books, I myself am a witness of the blessings I have received from this book as I have been using it as a manual book in teaching the prophecies, Teacher William is doing the same with the teaching staffs here at the orphanage, Evangelist Patrick is doing the same thing with a class of the new converts. B.N,, Kenya,

…Your book has been a tremendous blessing for me. We form a small group in the hospital weekdays we are studying this. It is enriching each one of us. Thank you so much for this book. May God bless you for all the effort. The best part is that we have the best thoughts are put together. J.H.

… I bring the books to teaching seminars that I do and encourage members to get a set for their home as a must have. The books have been a blessing to me. DC, Maryland August 01, 2012

…Great news! The books are such a tremendous blessing! My wife left her copies with her brother-in-law in Switzerland. I believe these books are having an impact that reaches thru eternity! Everywhere we go people want them! BK, Virginia

… I picked up your book, Steps to Christ, and read it and found my faith again. AB, Indiana

The book Gems From Revelation is a outstanding commentary. It broaden the mind and challenges ones spiritual relationship with God. I recommend any bible student that embraces last days events to read this anointed book. Evangelist Ron Williams, NY

Thank you very much for a well-researched and authentic Bible Commentaries on Daniel & Revelations. In these days when many have gone out of their Adventist roots to appease Rome and Ecumenism I am glad to have a modern affirmation of our foundations.
I have sold many of your books and given away many also at our events and wherever I travel. NC, England

What amazing compilations. I am using Daniel for a Bible Study Class and my wife and I are using Revelation at home for worship. It must have taken years to put all the information together. May God continue to bless you and your outreach. In Christ, F.M., PA

I just wanted to say thank you again for the Gems from Daniel and Revelation books you gave me. They are a big help to me as I am presenting Revelation on Tuesday night’s. M.F., NC

This is one of the best commentaries I have discovered on the book of Revelation. They have a strong list of traditional & contemporary authors down through history. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to better understand the amazing book of Revelation. L.S., Utah

My neighbor was sick and had to go to the nursing home.  He asked me to go to his house and get two books:  Gems From Revelation and Gems From Daniel.
As I did that I got to look at the books and really liked them.  My neighbor eventually died, and his family let me have the two books.  I never was able to understand Daniel or Revelation even though I went to various seminars.  But these books make everything very clear to understand
“I just wanted to let you know my brother, that this book has been truly a gem for our bible study group. We are currently using it as our main textbook on the book of Revelation. I have also personally recommended it to several friends. It is a real blessing to our spiritual life, we appreciate the hard work and your efforts brother. God bless you. In the future I would like to make a small donation to your work. How can I do so? Please let me know.”  G.S., Virginia.

I have your books on Daniel and Revelation and appreciate the detail that you have place upon the prophecies. These books have been a great blessing to my studies in the prophecies.